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Monitor your health risks

Many illnesses can be prevented or managed more effectively if discovered at an earlier stage. By taking your health into your own hands, testing for a particular blood marker may enable you to spot a problem before you develop symptoms helping you live better for longer.

Gain energy, improve sleep or lose weight

Biomarkers play a key role sleep quality, weight loss and energy levels. By using our tests you can gain insight into your personal biometrics.

Optimise performance

To get the most out of your body you need to look beyond the surface and see whats happening inside your body. Measyring and tracking key biomarkers will help you reach you performance goals whilst protecting your health.


From a small sample of blood, these kits give you an understanding of your unique biomarker profile. This helps you reach your wellbeing, fitness and performance goals. With direct access to accredited laboratory private blood testing, fast turnaround and our easy-to-understand results dashboard, we're the biomarker tracking service that puts you in control of your health.

The modern online results dashboard gives you access to your latest results on your smartphone and tracks your progress over time. You will have full access to this following your first purchase.

Alongside our beautifully simplified results we'll also give you handy nutrition tips on how to improve the markers that really matter.

You may also decide to talk to one of our doctors regarding your blood results!

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