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Period Delay

Period delay is convenient for women who find periods limiting or troublesome as it coincides with a special event.

Our treatments are typically offered by our Click Doctors for women who may be getting married or want to travel amongst other reasons.

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Northisterone 5mg
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  • Delay your period for up to 17 days
  • One pill 3 times a day
  • Convenient for travellers or special events

A period is part of the menstrual cycle when a woman bleeds from her vagina for a few days. For most women with regular cycles, this happens every 28 days or so, but it is common for periods to be less or more frequent in some women. Otherwise some women suffer from extremely painful periods that on some occasions are unbearable.
The symptoms experienced while on your period are a nuisance to a woman’s normal daily routine. This includes vaginal bleeding, abdominal cramps, bloating and feeling of fatigue. Hence woman actively wish to delay the period onset for a particular month for several reasons being (1) their marriage, (2) a holiday, (3) a work meeting or event (4) as part of IVF treatment.
Our clinicians may prescribe Norethisterone (generic Utovlan), which will delay your period for a maximum of one month. This medicine needs to be taken 3 days before your period is due and will delay it until about 3 days after you have taken the last tablet.

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